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  On This Day in The Great War

The Great War On This Day is a daily listing of movements, actions, events and political involvements that took place on this day between 1914–1918.

On this day in history (23 April)

1915 (Friday)[edit]

  • Second Battle of Ypres: German attack east and west of St. Julien repulsed by Canadians; Germans take several hamlets.
  • Turkish coast bombarded by Allied fleet in the Gulf of Saros.
  • British Government declares a blockade of the Cameroons (see 29 February 1916).
  • White Book on military operations in Togoland published.
  • Sir Edward Grey presides over a conference of the French, Russian, Italian and Serbian ministers.
  • Battle of Gravenstafel Ridge begins (Ypres).




Various sources contemporary to the war have been used to compile The Great War On This Day and accompanying index. The majority of events, additional notes and other appendices such as statistical data etc., have been primarily sourced from reprints of the following copyright-expired publications: The information in these works were correct at the time of their respective publication dates. In some instances the information may not accurately represent correct spelling of place names and geographical and political boundaries due to modern-day changes since the Armistice. All other sources have been referenced separately where appropriate.
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  Transcribing Projects
Works in the public domain, for example, "creative works to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply," and where "rights may have expired, been forfeited, expressly waived, or may be inapplicable"[1] have been selected for this reason to allow them to be transcribed and made available freely for all. The following list comprises works currently being transcribed in various formats.



Some works are being transcribed using dedicated transcription software allowing for side by side comparisons of original text and it's transcribed counterpart, as seen in this example page from Great Britain at War by Jeffery Farnol, published in 1918. This way of transcribing means each page can be proofread and checked for errors and omissions then, when validated, can be "pieced" together to form a complete work. This is the complete version of Great Britain at War. Other works are being transcribed without this software on a page by page basis. Those with red links are waiting to be started. It is these projects we are asking for volunteers to help transcribe the ever-growing number of copyright expired publications.

  1. ^ "Public domain". Wikipedia: The free encyclopaedia. (accessed 15 July, 2018).
  Helping Our Projects
Interested in helping out around here? There is always something to write, discover and learn about the Great War, especially with a seemingly endless array of copyright-expired publications, all of which encapsulate the contemporary prose of the time, be it military history, encyclopaedic, propagandic, fictional and poetic in nature.

Our largest on-going project is The Great War on this day. But every project, however, no matter how large or small is just as important as the next, which is why they are of equal value and interest. Currently there are several other site projects on the go or waiting to be started, and this is where we need your help in making these available for everyone. Take a quick look at the recent changes made to the site to see what has been happening lately.

If you are interested in helping out you can contact us with any questions you may have about any of the projects. Alternatively, if you have spotted any errors and omissions, would like to create news pages or simply edit some existing ones, you can do so by creating a new account and off you go. We look forward to seeing you around.

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